Is Your Agency on Creative Life Support?

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The world of advertising is changing.

The same old interruptive tactics are falling on deaf ears—and brands are beginning to take note.

They will now turn to agencies who have prioritized STORYTELLING.

You know this.

So you've slid the word into your job descriptions. You've held company meetings about embracing more of it. You've pivoted your services to stay relevant.

But even with eyes forward, your agency still has one foot in the past...

Your copywriters reflect this tradition.

They're on your payroll to write white pages, hash out taglines, draft up email campaigns... to fulfill the role of marketer.

But to think like a content studio, do you send in the ad wizards?

No. You bring in a true storyteller.


A Better Kind of Content Marketing

I am your secret weapon to meet the rising audience demand for STORIFIED CONTENT.

As a writer or consultant, I'll equip your agency with world-class story expertise straight outta Hollywood and proven to drive business.

Don't just offer the same ole marketing that companies are used to. Go for the jugular!

Let's spin your client's marketing into narrative that targets EMOTIONS

Thoughtful, humorous, thrilling, tear-jerking material that builds authority, trust, and bigger audiences.

A Taste of Service


Story Writing

Emotionally compelling words that will enchant any audience.


Story Doctoring

Punch-ups or rewrites for content that's not quite there.

consulting services

Story Consultation

Bespoke guidance to bring any creative project to victory.


Story Development

Expertly conceived narrative for singular or ongoing campaigns.

💤 a standard copywriter 💤


The right tool for the job

Bring me on for your specialized story needs.

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A smarter investment

As a contractor, you don't need to pay for my benefits, health insurance, or overhead costs.


Dependable and independent

Trusted liaison between your agency and clients, or between you and production studios.

double brain

The best of both worlds

Over 10 years of versatile and proven success as both a screenwriter and a copywriter.

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Your clients will love you!

Tell rich, engaging stories for better sales, leads, and ROI.


Ads are history.

Bold, cinematic content is the new frontier.

Is your agency prepared for the STORY-DRIVEN digital landscape?

  • Fancy being a trail blazer in the industry?
  • Want to stand with the world's creative giants?
  • Ready to create something that spreads like wildfire?
  • Then let's begin a beautiful friendship!
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