Is Your Brand Getting Lost in the Noise?

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No one gives a damn about your advertising.

Audiences won't tolerate another interruption. So they've switched off. Cut cords. Installed ad blockers.

In your pursuit of new ways to generate leads, you've been led to Chatbots, AI, CRMs, CMPs, Funnels, tunnels and other doohickeys...

Stop the madness! There is only one absolute truth:

EMOTIONS are the key to sales.

But to get your audience to feel something, do you rely on a salesman?

No. You bring in a storyteller.


The Future of Branded Content

In the end, it is the STORIES you tell—not the products you sell—that will define your brand's legacy.

We're talking about a brand's ability to capture the human condition. To invoke thought. To inspire. To entertain. To offer the world what it is they find on Netflix.

In order to stay relevant, brands must therefore begin to act like content studios.

Not a stuffy board room of execs focused on sales – but a creative environment that honors Story & Character above all else.

It's time to storify your content marketing:

  • Turn customer data into rich, identifiable heroes.
  • Translate your mission and values into powerful thematic material.
  • Incite dramatic tension that speaks to your audience's hopes and fears.
  • Frame your brand as the key to unlocking meaningful transformation.

The World's Most Persuasive Force

"Those who tell the stories rule society."

Storytelling has the power to influence minds, affect hearts, and change the world. Use it responsibly.

Abandon the calls for attention. Choose instead to be a beloved source of entertainment.

The only way to cut through the noise is to give the people what they want.

After all, what should the difference be between your branded content and a Hollywood production?

With my help, the right answer is:


A Taste of Service


Story Writing

Powerful words that will leave your audience smitten.


Story Doctoring

Current marketing need a revamp? Send it my way.

consulting services

Story Consultation

Bespoke guidance to bring any creative project to victory.


Story Development

Expertly conceived narrative for singular or ongoing campaigns.

💤 traditional copywriting 💤


A more specialized skillset

Copywriters are trained to advertise to people. I've dedicated my life to captivate people.


AAA Storytelling

As a screenwriter who's made the jump to copywriting, I'll translate your marketing objectives into Hollywood-caliber content.


Trustworthy collaboration

The perfect addition to your current marketing team. I'll work deftly between CMOs and video producers to ensure your content is on-brand and amazing.

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Better results for less money

It costs a fortune to force advertising on people. But what if they actually wanted to consume your content...?

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Your audience will love you!

Tell rich, engaging stories for better sales, leads, and ROI.


In the War for Attention, there are only two types of brands:

1) Those who have become Storytellers 👍
2) Those who are dead ☠️

Is your business poised for victory?

  • Desperate to get through the ad-blockers?
  • Want your audience to come to YOU?
  • Ready to transcend the industry and become an icon?
  • Then let's get started together!
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