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Through my many years as a professional writer I have taken a fresh and creative approach to ads, promos, websites, articles, emails, bios, videos—just about everything under the sun. And I'll do the same for you.

For a taste of prior copywriting goodness, check out some selected works below.

experiential marketing



Video Scripts


Web Copy





experiential marketing


Web content, email campaigns, product descriptions, travel writing, print displays, and UX – this is the full story experience of a brand, encompassing every medium of traditional and digital marketing.

Bronco Off-Roadeo


This area of my portfolio is still under construction.

Visit www.broncooffroadeo.com for examples of ongoing web content and brand experience storytelling.


Video Scripts

Nothing satisfies the creative itch quite like telling great stories through words and images. This is my bread 'n butter. Take a look below for some examples of how I've scripted exciting stories for many different brands—and don't miss my entertainment portfolio for an even deeper dive!

Brand Campaigns

In an era of waning attention spans and corporate mistrust, only the most enticing of ads will cut through the noise. Pretty images, flashy edits and catchy slogans are meaningless without a strong emotional connection. The brands below understood this; that's why they got Beev. Be like them.

Brand Trust Campaign


Family-oriented, nostalgic, trustworthy.

Lead Generation Ad

Vantis InstituteHumorous, edgy, memorable.

Brand Awareness Ads

YouHost TriviaSarcastic, blunt, attention-grabbing.

"Jason was not only very easy to work with, but he also understood exactly what we were looking for in our video scripts. He made a difficult task seem easy, which allowed us to move quickly and meet our timelines. I highly recommend working with Jason on your video scripts."
Sebastien Fauchet
Brand Manager

Product Ads

When it comes to selling products, even the king of the infomercial himself, Kevin Harrington, trusts Pitch Media to get the job done. And when it comes to writing those product videos, Pitch Media entrusts me to inject personality, amusement and persuasion into their scripts. Here's a few examples:

"Jason's style and understanding of both the psychology of a buyer and production logistics is outstanding. He has done amazing work for us that is well researched, creative and on-budget."

Cory Bergeron
Founder / President

Training and Explainer Videos

Many corporate-style videos can easily fall prey to ho-hum, boring mechanics. Well, not for The Beev! If you need to distill complex information into bite-size, yummy chunks of video, then see for yourself what a storyteller like me can do for your brand:

Explainer Video

B2C Online Marketplace

Animated explainer video script that hits on pain points of audience and features a refined visual style intended for higher production value.

Onboarding Video

Trivia Hosting Service

Quirky humor is a big part of this brand's style - so no ordinary training video will do. Here's one example from a series of scripts that entertains as much as it informs.

Explainer Video

B2B PR Platform

60-second animated explainer video script that grabs attention, presents a problem and provides a solution – all in economic and targeted wording.

Video Course

Guest Blogging Platform

As part of a multi-part video training series intended for fledgling guest bloggers, here is a sample focused on SEO mechanics and best practices.

"After speaking with Jason we soon realized that not only could he help with the script but actually be in the commercial as an actor. The script turned out perfect and his acting was top notch.
We have a record breaking amount of estimates scheduled since it aired!"
Peter Demetri

Web Copy

The cornerstone of any brand - successful web content must be carefully considered, targeted with meaningful keywords, and provide a clear call to action in order to shine. Here, see what I mean:

Website Content

With the launch of Faselis Growth, this media relations platform called on The Beev for the whole enchilada of copywriting needs:

  • Complete website copy and brand messaging
  • Explainer video scripts
  • Google Ads
  • Banner ads
  • Press releases
  • Emails and Announcements
  • Blog articles
  • Other stuff!

After serving them with clear messaging and compelling wording, Faselis Growth now helps startups clarify their messaging and send compelling press releases.

Take a gander at the live site here.

"He is a first-class storyteller."
Aydin Sun

Brand Stories

You're a brand. You've got things to say. You want to tell the world who you are and why you exist – and you need to do it in a way that doesn't put your customers to sleep. Don't worry - The Beev will wake them up.

Organic Bedding

Brand Story & Mission

An emotionally relatable origin story for mothers who demand the best for their babies.

Acne Product

Landing Page

Down-to-earth language that doesn't speak down to teenagers with a sensitive problem.

Software Agency

Team Bios & Services Page

Turning technical jargon into fun and witty words that build trust.

"I rarely ever have such a reaction. One of those who is never satisfied. 😛 But you captured everything I told you so beautifully."
Neha Shrivastava

Blogs & Articles

When content publishers want to broaden their awareness, bolster their authority, and produce top-ranking articles – The Beev is who they turn to. Here are some examples of how I've applied my story expertise and mastery of the written word in service of useful and relevant online content.


"How to Use Storytelling to Create Unforgettable Websites"

Approx Reading Time: 10 minutes


"How to Use Storytelling in the Recruiting Process"

Approx Reading Time: 4 minutes


"Why Color Psychology Should Influence Your Web Design"

Approx Reading Time: 8 minutes


"What Storytelling Means for Corporates and Startups"

Approx Reading Time: 4 minutes

"The quality of his writing is unmatched. If you can hire him, do so. He's the best!"
Jay Douglas



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